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Croeso/welcome to, the website of the Harris family  - Steve, Sue and Isobel. This site gathers together materials from our creative activities and interests, the organisations we are involved with and the communities we belong to - in Cymru/Wales and beyond. To view this page in Welsh, please click on the Google Translate toolbar above.

On this site we have information about our Buddhist faith, which motivates our creative, teaching and research activities. These are mainly focused on sustainability in theory and in action and are informed by our background in community activism and computing, systems and ecosystems science. There's also some stuff about the place where we try to put our ideas and principles into practice, our family woodland in Carmarthenshire. You can also find out more about us and get in touch if you wish.

You can download most of Steve's publications here. You can also read occasional blog entries from Steve on the Sustainable Wales site and reports and other academic papers at the Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems.

There's also an archive of Steve's music and video from the 1980s, here.

We hope you find something to entertain, interest or inspire you in your daily life. Thank you for visiting.

"The world is an intricately interwoven web of infinite relations. When we apply this worldview to matter and to all living things, including people, we can see the world as one great life entity. This is the true nature of our own life."

- Daisaku Ikeda -

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